NLC secures court order against TUTAG's ongoing strike

The National Labour Commission (NLC) has secured a court order directing the TechnicalUniversity Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG) to call off its strike.
TUTAG dares

The Technical University Teachers Association Ghana, TUTAG has also dared the National Labour Commission, NLC to head to court if they think their ongoing strike is illegal.

National President of TUTAG, Dr Solomon Keelson said the NLC should use the same processes they used in getting NAT and NAGRAT back to the classroom.

 According to him, the NLC should get a court order if they think their strike is illegal.

“When NAT and NAGRAT went on strike and the NLC described at illegal what did they do? you saw that the NLC went to court for the court ask the teachers to go back to work, so today, if they feel that we have taken illegal action, is it not the same action they should take go to court and then the court will order us to go back? even as we are waiting for the new one that will capture what they think is the correct thing, they are still using what they claim is full of mistakes with our people…”

The National Labour Commission, NLC, yesterday said lecturers and administrators of Technical Universities may lose their salaries if they don’t comply with the order to call off the strike.

The NLC last Friday ordered the aggrieved teachers and administrators to immediately resume work as government agrees to pay their allowances by January 29 2020.

But reports have indicated that some teachers and administrators in some Technical Universities remain defiant as they continue their strike contrary to the order from the National Labour Commission(NLC).

At the Takoradi Technical University, there are no academic activities taking place.

The Executive Secretary of the National Labour Commission, Mr Ofosu Asamoah said the striking unions will lose their monies and subsequently their jobs if the strike continues for a period of time

”For as long as they stay at home they are engaging in an illegal strike and the government will not pay for an illegal strike the law does not permit that. If they stay out for the period longer than the permissible period without a justifiable course they will lose their job.”



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